Welcome to Rob Kerth for Sacramento City Council

About Rob Kerth's Campaign

Dear Neighbor,

We live in a great community, full of resourceful families and neighborhoods with rich histories. For too long we had to settle for less while other neighborhoods got attention and resources. Like you, I'm tired of City Hall's excuses. A failed economy is not a reason to fail the people of our city.

I am proud to represent you on the SMUD Board where I work to keep your lights on and your utility bills low. And I am proud to serve as the President of the North Sacramento Chamber of Commerce to bring services and jobs to our neighborhoods.

I know that effective government is about working hard and working smart. It's time to re-open the doors of City Hall, stop the political infighting and start working together to solve problems. I will be your voice on the City Council as we focus on issues that affect our everyday life.

With your support, we can work together to create a city that places people first, we can accomplish anything.

Rob's Accomplishments
  • Created the Congress of Neighborhoods and the Department of Neighborhood Services to support and empower communities.

  • Won State and Federal funding to build the Arden Garden connecter, Cal Expo extension and the Paso Nuevo neighborhood.

  • First Councilmember in City history to invest redevelopment funds directly into schools - to ensure our children have the best learning environment possible.

  • Authored the City's Heritage Tree ordinance, and holds the City record of planting the single largest tree as well the largest number of trees (over 800) for an Arbor Day observance in partnership with the Sacramento Tree Foundation.